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Travel resources I use

Seems like I’ll spend sometime travelling around in October. Which reminded me to post about the travel resources I usually use:

  • CouchSurfing – an incredible community of people where you can even get a couch to sleep on sometimes. Specialists in non-touristic and touristic features of almost every town in the world. And that includes the incredible crowd of CS Lisbon.
  • WikiTravelwikipedia for tourist information. No travel guide can match it!
  • dopplr – share and view your friends travels; find out when you’re staying in the same city. And you also get nice tips from other travellers for your destinations.
  • Google Maps – sometimes you should really check how far your sleeping place and/or airport are from where you want to go/visit.

For booking a room or a flight:

  • TAP Air Portugal – yes, it’s the portuguese airline, and it has one of the best sites for flight booking I’ve experienced so far.
  • Booking – hotels and houses all over the world in a nice interface. Comments from other users are very useful (that’s how I found out once that the hotel I had just booked was in Genebra’s red light district – I should have read the comments before – the other user recommendation to get a floor as up as possible was very useful).
  • Yahoo Travel – nice simple interface to search for competing flights.
  • Farecaster – recently bought by Microsoft, this site allows to search for trips and even predicts if the prices for this trip will go up and down in the future.

Do you have any other suggestions for me? Happy travels!!!

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