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Travel resources I use

Note: This was originally posted in September, 2008, before the European Mozilla Camp in Barcelona. Unfortunately I had screwed up and saved it as a page. Reposting now.

Seems like I’ll be doing some travelling around the world in October (Barcelona and, maybe El Salvador), so I got myself looking at some of my usual travel resources:

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  • CouchSurfing – a great community of people. You can even get a couch to sleep on sometimes (spending a week in several different houses is a great experience), but the best are the tips by locals on what you have to see or explore in a city.
  • WikiTravel – like Wikipedia, but for tourist information. Great resource. Most tourist guides have less information.
  • dopplr – share your trips (so your friends can find where you are) and get clues on your destinations from other users.
  • Google Maps – sometimes you really need to check how far an hotel is from where you’re visiting…

Any other suggestions? Happy travels!

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