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The future of low power computing

Today a friend shared with me this story about how AT systems used the leftover processing power on the keyboard to prevent breakage of software (thanks, Artur). These days, where every single peripheral includes a computer of its own it seems just a strange hack causing an even stranger error message. But it made me think about local distributed computing…

Imagine that a few years have passed and we’ve mastered low power computing. No heat (for practical purposes) is generated from these processors. They are cheap, but they don’t need to be powerful. They can be woven into fabric, or even be the fabric themselves. What’s the impact? What changes?

The first thing that comes to mind is that they replace the mobile phone (today’s on the move computer – portables are just moved from place to place). Bigger antennas are then usable (1m on some trousers wouldn’t be difficult to imagine). Lower density of cell towers are needed, the antenna can be used as a source of energy, all series of fun things start being possible. The amount of power available will depend on the clothes you’re wearing, as you dress up, the clothes access your data automatically (maybe by DNA authentication) and are ready for you to use. The interfaces can be motor, visual or even directly to the brain. The system self-configures itself for the clothing you’ve decided to wear. Your own personal cloud where each fibre is its own computer…

Would you wear it?

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